Friday, December 19, 2014

Thunderbird Watch: First Train Car Arrives

Well, it wasn't enough that the track was completed just about three weeks early but now the folks over at Holiday World have gotten another little Christmas present. This time, the first car of the trains for Thunderbird.

Delivered just a few days ago, they didn't waste any time getting it on the track either. At this point, it's looking like they're well ahead of schedule to get things going and that's never a bad thing to see!

Those who have ridden GateKeeper, X-Flight or Wild Eagle in the US, then you've likely encountered the trains before as they're pretty much uniform, outside of the paint jobs and a couple other artistic bits, across the board for B&M's wing coasters. If you haven't, well, it's an interesting thing to experience.

Anyway, there's a shot of the car being lifted into place from the Holiday World Facebook Page. If you're curious as to why theirs no track under it, that's because there are small wheels that help to support the train, much like B&M's trains on Griffon and Sheikra. Definitely a little weird to wrap your head around, but somehow they support the massive weight and pretty awesome to think how that can even happen.

Here's the video of them lifting it in place and you can see the wheel thing in it pretty clearly too, pretty cool stuff.

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Busch Gardens Tampa- Gwazi Closing, Official Announcement

 Gwazi Closing for Good, Says Busch Gardens Tampa.

 Honestly, I'm not even the smallest bit surprised when I woke up to read this news. Gwazi has been a long-standing issue for Busch Gardens Tampa in recent years.

 Now, I could go into detail but I'm sure you've all read my opinions on the matter before, so I won't bore you with a litany of complaints in regards to theme parks not up-keeping their attractions. If you do want to know- Please see "This Link About Gwazi".

 Sunday, February 1st will be the final day and Gwazi will close for good. A sad ending for what was once the pride of Busch Gardens Tampa and an amazing roller coaster. The parks are citing 'budget cuts' which is likely true but at the same time this leads back to the checkered history of maintenance on the wooden coaster as well as an endless series of constant upkeep to maintain a wooden roller coaster in the environment of Central Florida.

 The proof for this lays in the fact Busch Gardens Tampa will not be demolishing the ride anytime soon. While no reason has been given for this, it's likely due to not having anything to fill the space in addition to the cited budget cuts. While the parks may be going through rough times right now, I doubt they have any hope of somehow saving this ride (not with how little they've done to keep it running in recent years). It's simply the final death blow for a coaster which has been unwanted since the Busch Family sold the parks.

 It's a sad day, what was once the show piece of a theme park is falling into a silent wooden shadow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Islands of Adventure- Skull Island/Kong 360 Construction Update

Image from Jake's Adventures
 Well Folks, Construction at Islands of Adventure has been getting crazy lately.

 Kong 360/Skull Island has gone vertical in a big way, the building is massive! It looks almost like some of the multi-level designs which we saw during the construction of Transformers over at Universal Studios.

 While there is still no official announcement from Universal Orlando on just what this new attraction will be, it's getting easier to guess. From the size and shape of the building, we're surely looking at King Kong 360 if some of the outside 'decorations' which are starting to take shape. They seem to match exactly those found out in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Image from Jake's Adventures
 Either way, it's nice to things moving along so quickly.Exterior Walls are going up and inside construction appears to be moving at a steady pace.

 Hopefully we'll all be hearing some kind of announcement from Universal Orlando here in the next coming weeks!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fury 325 Update: December 12

Hello peoples!!!

So here I am with another Fury 325 update!  It's so awesome to see them finally moving on getting this coaster built; it probably wasn't going fast before due to the Halloween season, but now there's nothing stopping them!!  WOOT WOOT!

Just a week after putting the finishing touches on the lift hill Carowinds has announced that they have finished a second hill on this insane ride.

This hill seem like it's going to throw riders upside down, it's hard to tell from this photo which way the train will be traveling.

So this is the only photo that Carowinds has posted regarding the new hill, but do not fret my readers I'll be on the look out for the more photos and updates as they come.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Laff Trakk Construction Plows on at Hershey Park

It's been a while since we've heard anything out of Hershey Park and the construction of their newest dark coaster, Laff Trakk, but there's been progress being made over the past couple months!

Things are starting to go vertical on the world's first Indoor Spinning "Glow Coaster". From the newest pictures, we can see just where the ride building will fit in with things and the skyline a little bit more. Still, not much but at least it's getting there, right? If you're curious about just what Laff Trakk will be like to ride, check out our coverage of the announcement.

Anyway, here's a couple of shots that the Hershey PA Twitter account tossed up just a little bit ago!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

FuryWatch 12/4: Carowinds Tops off Fury 325's Lift Hill

Lots of new projects going on all over the US this off season and Carowinds is no exception with their record breaking coaster, Fury 325. Just earlier today, the park posted up pictures and video showing off some of the construction progress but more importantly, that of the top of the massive lift hill for their newest coaster.

Just to give you an idea, the top of the drop here is 20ft taller than the Statue of Liberty. Yeah, that's pretty high up there and makes Fury 325 the tallest "traditional coaster" in the world. It's another massive project from Bolliger & Mabillard and if it's anything like it's sister coaster, Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland, it's going to be one helluva ride.

If you're curious about just what a ride on Fury 325 will be like, check out our coverage of Carowinds announcement just a few months ago.

Things are looking good from the site and definitely going to be one wild ride once they unleash this one on the public in the Spring of 2015. Anyway, enough babbling, let's get on with the pictures. But first, a little ride one of the sections of track as it makes it way to the top!

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Thunderbird Watch: Holiday World Caps Off Thunderbird Track with Piece Number 77

It's been just a little over 5 months since the announcement of Holiday World's first steel coaster, and world's first launched wing coaster, and they've really put the pedal to the metal getting this one done. How fast? Well, just the other day, the folks over at Holiday World posted images and video up of the final section of track going into place. Yep, that's right...the track is 100% complete now.

Gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with how fast this one went up and it looks like they'll be well on their way to getting everything in order for their scheduled preview night on April 24th, 2015. They've still got quite a bit of work to do and testing to get finished, but with just about 5months to go, it seems they'll be just fine in that department.

Let's get on with the pictures, but first here's the latest Hard Hat Chronicles from the park that shows the final track piece going into place. Pretty cool that the crew signed it as well.

Check out all the ride details, videos and other goodies from our coverage of the announcement or just keep on scrolling down for the latest pictures out of Holiday World, including a few fun snow covered pics.

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