Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cyclone Already Under the Knife at Six Flags New England

The folks up at Six Flags New England aren't wasting any time with the deconstruction of Cyclone. It was only 10 days ago that fans and coaster enthusiasts bid the iconic coaster a final farewell, and today the dismantling project is already well underway.

While the park has not announced exactly what they have planned for their beloved wooden coaster, the consensus is that it will be getting the Rocky Mountain Coaster overhaul treatment.

This is the newest trend with Six Flags across all their parks it seems. Rattler turning into Iron Rattler, Texas Giant into New Texas Giant, and most likely Colossus into Iron Colossus. While many of the new incarnations have been critically acclaimed, it's still sad to see the classics go. Probably wouldn't be so much of a problem if Six Flags would actually maintain them properly, but that's another matter entirely.

In the pictures below, you can see that not only are workers carefully removing the track, but large portions of it are also missing just after the station and before the lift hill. If there's any clues in that, it's the same order of things that happened with Texas Giant and Rattler. Of course, it might just be the easiest way to do things as well.

For more images, check out SFNEonline!

One thing is sure though, they're being careful and that's definitely a sign that they're not completely getting rid of the ride. Also, according to SFNEonline, there's rumors of RMC crews on the site as well. Could be nothing, could be everything and until the park comes out and says what they're up to, we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Clues about Six Flags Fiesta Texas' 2015 Plans

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is definitely up to something and recent observations, along with the park's own postings, have only confirmed such. There's also some rumors as to just where this new ride might be going in as well.

Now, I'm not nearly as familiar with the Texas Six Flags parks, so bare with me a little on this one. If there's any info you can give, please let us know in the comments!

So with that said, let's take a look at the newest clues. The first comes in the form of a tweet sent out the park saying that Rockville Reality was having a little big of a snake problem...

Now, the park already has Iron Rattler so the snake bit fits there. However, diving a little more and calling the number in the picture that accompanied that tweet revealed a little more information. As it would turn out, Rockville is getting set for a "renovation and renewel project" and hints at a "thrilling challenge" as well as "making history". 

Not much to go on, but definitely hinting at a new attraction coming to the section of the park. So far it seems like it'll be a thrill ride at least, would imagine that it's going to be a coaster of some kind. However, there are many flat rides that reach the earlier mentioned height of 92.5ft at as well.

It's from here that things get a little more interesting. In another clue, they seem to be hinting at something that dips and dives, also why I believe this is going to be a coaster.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kennywood's The Thunderbolt honored as a Coaster Landmark

Hello peoples!!!

So in some exciting news, at least for us Pittsburghers, The Thunderbolt has (finally!!) been recognized as a Coaster Landmark by the American Coaster Enthusiasts on July 27th, 2014.

Read more below!

Busch Gardens Williamsburg- Site Plans for Festa Italia Expansion

Busch Gardens Williamsburg- Site Plans and Specs for Festa Italia Expansion.

 Well, the folks at BGW Fans have done it again. Finding the decoding the plans for the 2015 Busch Gardens Williamsburg expansion to the Festa Italia area. 

 It's pretty obvious that the fears of a stock Premier Rides coaster had come to pass, with nothing original about it. A stock ride which is often found in Six Flags Parks will soon be raising into the sky for the Festa Italia expansion. While myself and many others have been attempting to deny this, it's getting harder and harder to stand when so many plans are being found then released. 

 While it's still impossible to say if the ride builder is Premier Rides, it's seeming more obvious due to past relationships with other ride builders and the parks. So it's very likely an announcement will be coming soon from Busch Gardens, which will either confirm or deny the facts we've uncovered for ourselves. 

 If the plans are accurate and all guesses to the ride manufacturer are correct, we can easily know the stats for this new coaster.  While some folks who've ridden this style of ride assure me it's more fun then it appears, I think it's likely a mistake. You don't get people coming back to the park for a stock ride, that privileged is often reserved for new, original design coasters. People will come but I doubt they'll get the turn-out they seem to be hoping for with this move. 

  Either way, the stats are as follows for this style coaster from premier rides:
150 Feet Tall
863 Feet Long
1 Inversion
62 MPH Launch Speed  
50 Seconds Ride Time

All images are from BGW Fans

Monday, July 28, 2014

First Pieces of Thunderbird Track Arrive at Holiday World

The first pieces of track have arrived at Holiday World for their newest addition to the park, Thunderbird. Announced last Thursday night, their newest coaster is not only their first steel coaster in the park's history, but also the first launched wing coaster from B&M in the world. It will take riders through three inversions after shooting from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds.

The new track segments that have made their way to Holiday World also solve another mystery, where some of the track spotted at the Clermont Steel Fabricator lot in Ohio is headed. Now just for the other colors...

Image from @HolidayWorld on Twitter

Either way, going to be fun to watch this one get built over the course of the next 8 months or so and can't wait to get a chance to ride the madness in the Spring of 2015! For more details about Thunderbird, check out our coverage of the announcement here.

Disney Demands Norway Pay $9 Million.. or Arendelle is Coming.

Image and Story from Daily Finance
 Disney Goes Crazy, Demands Norway Pay $9 Million Upgrade to World Showcase Pavilion..

 Now, I freely admit I'm rather alone in my unpopular opinions about Epcot Center and World Showcase in general. You won't find any "Everything Disney Does is Sooooo Wonderful" business in the post below, so don't be too surprised at my rather unflattering and realistic opinions. Here we stand among the few in numbers who still believe Epcot could be about education and entertainment, holding to the principle's which Walt Disney himself wanted.

 Somehow I suspected something like this would happen, Disney Management and Igor Iger has finally gone completely stupid, demanding $9 Million to upgrade the World Showcase pavilion.. or they will turn it into Arendelle from the current hit move, Frozen.

 Yes Folks, Disney has finally lost their collective minds in demanding money in order to get what they want. Supposedly Disney has demanded $9 Million from the country of Norway in order to upgrade and maintain the pavilion or they will turn it into Arendelle, the mythical country in which Queen Elsa and Princess Anna reside.  Now, to be fair, the Norway Pavilion has been needing some attention and updating for several years now. The ride 'Maelstorm' needs a face lift and heavy refurbishment as well as the ending film needing an update. The area could use an overall loving hand to update but all that aside.. never before has Disney entered the world of politics with a demand for money and attention, with a threat tacked onto it.

 Rumors are flying left and right. Since Norway is one of only two countries in World Showcase which have a physical 'ride' involved, it makes it a rather rare place. Many state 'Maelstorm' will be turned into a 'Frozen' themed ride and have been since the movies release. Currently folks are saying this could happen as soon as October if Norway fails to shell out some heavy-duty cash flow.

 Since 'Frozen' has gotten so big, many of us have had uneasy feelings. Disney has a nasty habit of getting exactly what they want, one way or another. With Frozen being so big, they wasted no time in stuffing their newest 'Princess Hit' into a country and theme park where it didn't belong. The movie just keeps gaining in popularity as time keeps going, which has given Disney leverage it's never had in the past, the ability to use thinly hidden threats to gain the upper hand.

 The Norway Pavilion has already suffered from Frozen. The retail store has lost space to host a mass of 'Frozen' merchandise and the Stave Church has been completely converted from Viking and Norwegian History, to that of the mythical country Arendelle. Now, Disney is pushing for the $9 Million they want to 'update' a pavilion which is barely keeping to the culture which inspired it.

 So far, Norway has been very reluctant to fork over that level of cash. More so when you consider their already paying to promote a fictional country rather than their own.

 The downside it that Disney will eventually win on some level. They'll either get the cash to update from Norway or they'll get Arendelle, which has zero business being in World Showcase to begin with.

((Edit: Yes, the source is real.. it's linked up under the photo but I'll re-post it down here for ease of the readers: Daily Finance))

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Breaking News - Cable Snaps on Cedar Point's Skyhawk

The Sandusky Register is reporting that the Skyhawk ride at Cedar Point experienced a malfunction around 10:30pm Saturday, July 26th.

The cause of the accident has been reported as a cable snapping which caused damage to the ride's barrier. Reports are coming in that say that the cable snapped while the ride was at or near it's peak height of 125ft after a series of "loud bangs", according to a park employee, and the ride was not stopped mechanically, but by gravity.

 According to guests at the park, at least one person was hit by flying wood debris from this. However, there's no real confirmation on that. There's also been reports of another guest suffering a broken leg, but no sources have confirmed this and the park has not made any official statements regarding the accident yet.

Skyhawk, built by S&S Worldwide was opened in 2006 and can reach speeds upwards of 65mph. This particular ride has had issues in the past with cables snapping as well, and this marks the third accident in the past 8 years occurring with it.

The entire InSanity lurks Inside team hopes that everyone on the ride and surrounding area is alright and no major injuries occurred. We'll have more on this story as details develop.

UPDATE 12:54pm: Cedar Point has come out with an official statement regarding the incident;

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards released the following statement:

"At approximately 10 p.m., a cable on one of the Skyhawk swing ride's carriages disconnected. The ride's crew immediately shut down the ride and notified the park's emergency personnel. 
The cable came in contact with two guests. One was treated and released at the scene. As a precaution, the other was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Safety is our top priority at Cedar Point. Skyhawk will remain closed until our investigation is complete and the ride can safely reopen."

Images via the Sandusky Register