Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cedar Point to get New Dark Ride in 2015?

Okay, so it was rumored last year that Cedar Point may be getting a dark ride in 2014. Turns out that rumor was false, the dark ride ended up at Canada's Wonderland as Wonder Mountain's Guardian. It's not the first time that's happened either, in the past Knott's Berry Farm was to get a giga coaster and that ended up in Canada as Leviathan.

So, here we are once again with a rumor stating that Cedar Point may finally get their dark ride, assuming of course this one doesn't get shipped off either. However, there is a case for things this time around. As reported by Screamscape, this mainly comes in the way of something from Twitter and the name of a camp site. Doesn't get any weirder than that, but here we are.

First up, the tweet from Cedar Point's Tony Clark:

The interesting bit there is the "Did I spel that right?" and "Did I say it right.." bits. Time for a little word geekery to get to the bottom of this one!

First off, "spel" is an Old English spelling for the word "spell", as in magical spells. Next up is the word "rite", which by definition is typically a ritual of some kind. So out of context it seems like nothing, but a little deeper look and we get a ritual spell out of it. Now, that last bit? Any fan of the Evil Dead movies should get the reference there to Army of Darkness, saying these things is important, just ask Ash how that turns out if you get it wrong. Remember, don't speak the Latin!

The other clue is that the temporary camp name during the Coaster Campout Event that was held over the weekend of 19th and 20th. The name was Camp Rou. On it's own, it seems rather innocuous. However, knowing that Cedar Fair has filed a trademark for Rougarou, the French word for Werewolf earlier this year makes it a little more interesting than normal. Interestingly enough, it also is an abbreviation for Romania (nice tie in there) and I doubt they meant it to mean Roué which is a man devoted to a life of sensual pleasure. It could be, but that'd be weird.

Silver Dollar City to Announce 2015 Expansion August 13th - Fireman's Landing?

The folks at Silver Dollar City have been busy putting up banners around the Geyser Gulch section of the park that give the date for their 2015 project announcement. The new area is suspected to be called "Fireman's Landing", based on a trademark filed by  Herschend earlier this year.

You guessed it, Fireman themed and by the looks of it, turn of the century fireman at that. If this sounds familiar, it should. Dollywood opened Firechaser Express just this year as well.

That said, we won't have to wait long until the "5 Alarm Announcement" as it will be coming to use on August 13th. So, just a few weeks away. What exactly will be going into the area is not entirely known, and construction updates from haven't shown any hints of what might be to come either.

Either way, here's the banners that have been spotted, courtesy of!

Kings Dominion to Change Water Works Name in 2015?

Well, it looks like one very keen eyed person has caught wind of a change coming to the Water Works waterpark at Kings Dominion in 2014. Seriously, as Screamscape said on Twitter, once you see this, you can't unsee it!

The change that's coming though isn't a new ride or anything like that, but merely a name change from what can been seen.

Just what are we on about? It appears that Water Works will be changing names to Soak City and there's really no two ways about it once you see it. So, here's a look at the original logo as compared to the one that's currently on one of the main splash images of the Kings Dominion website:

It's fairly clear that the "SO" of Soak City is peaking out from the corner of the logo that's currently on display. Additionally, the breaking wave that is part of the Soak City logo at other Cedar Fair parks is also visible rising above the current Water Works one too.

If you need further convincing, here's a look at what the Kings Island Soak City logo looks like and you can get an idea of what exactly is going on here. Definitely a subtle, yet not very much so hint.

It's pretty obvious that a name change is coming. Whether or not this coincides with anything new for the water park is currently unknown. It would be a nice touch rather than just a straight out renaming, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Six Flags Over Texas Begins Teasing 2015 Project

Just last night Six Flags Over Texas began hinting at a new project for 2015, joining the ranks of several other parks that are also building something new.

Now, there's really nothing else other than the image that they released on Twitter. Could a new coaster be in the works? It will have been 4 years since their newest and that was just an overhaul of Texas Giant by RMC in 2011. Their last actual new coaster was Tony Hawk's Big Spin in 2008, now known as Pandemonium.

So, just what are they planning down in Texas? Anything goes so feel free let your imagination run wild and I'm sure that we'll be getting news of what's to come soon enough. For now? Here's all we have to go by...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Last Clue Before Holiday World's Big 2015 Project is Unveiled!

We're just 24 hours out from the official announcement out of Holiday World of what their 2015 project will be. The clue for Day 65 is definitely one that has us scratching our heads a little.

While we know that the ride is most likely a new roller coaster and will contain inversions of some kind, what the type is and who's building it exactly is a complete mystery.

However, with latest clue we may be onto just what they've planned. But, before we get to that, here's a run down of the clues that we've been given so far.
  • ‘Upside Down’
  • ‘One.Big.Thing’
  • ‘When you find out, you’re gonna flip’
  • ’truly unique’
  • ‘The first of its kind’.
I think at this point it's safe to say it's probably going to be a steel coaster as the park doesn't have one yet and it's been something Leah Koch has been dreaming of for the park for quite a while now. We also know that the original plans for this were drawn up not long ago by Will Koch, but the technology wasn't exactly up to snuff. What exactly that means is anyone's guess and really unclear of what it could've been. So, now onto the latest clue!

As you can see we're talking about something with wings, soaring and a flying monster. While it's not a dead giveaway by any stretch, it does seem like they could be talking about a B&M Wing Coaster (Gatekeeper, Wild Eagle) or a Flying Coaster (Superman: Ultimate Escape, Manta, Air).

Personally, I don't see it being a wing coaster. For starters, they cost a bit more than the $22million figure that we've been given and I just don't like the things. If it's going to be a B&M, I'd much prefer it to be a ground breaking flying coaster of some kinda. Maybe a Terrain Flyer, that'd be pretty awesome.

So, what could they do that was new and different? Well some sources say that whatever it is could include a launch, or maybe even multiple launches. There has been a long running rumor that someone out there would finally commission B&M for their first launch coaster, maybe this is right time and place? There is all that track that's been spotted at the Clermont Steel Fabricators lot, not all of it has a home, so possible for sure. Either way, it's hard to say and I wish I could be more definitive with all of this, but only 24 hours to go right?

Still, there's the possibility that we could be getting ready for something else entirely and this all only speculation and way off the mark. Fun to do, but can't wait to see what the actual announcement will hold. Keep it here as we follow all the news out of Holiday World!

Six Flags Magic Mountain- Colossus Goodbye Party

Six Flags Magic Mountain- Colossus Goodbye Party

 Six Flags Magic Mountain and local radio station ALT 98.7 are hosting a 'Goodbye Party' for their famous and now doomed wooden roller coaster, Colossus.

 The wooden coaster made famous by being featured in several movies, most notably as the "Screaming Mimi" in 'National Lampoons Vacation'. The ride was built in 1978 and like many great wooden coasters from Six Flags Parks, has suffered a lack of maintenance in order to be made over by Rocky Mountain Coasters into something easier to maintain (we hope).

  Tickets are $36 per person and the event happens this Saturday, July 26th. The event will feature exclusive night rides from 11pm until 3am. No other details are available if anything else will be open during this time.

 You can purchase tickets though the Six Flags Magic Mountain Website (Click for link).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Details Emerge About Holiday World's 2015 Project

With the end of Holiday World's "66 Days at Sea" campaign, teasing their newest attraction, coming to an end, a little bit more info has come out regarding their 2015 project.

There's been a ton of speculation around this one over the past couple of months. Everything from a B&M Wing Coaster or Dive Machine to steel/wood hybrid coasters that contain loops, over banked turns and other elements not possible with just wood. It's really anyone's guess but with a $22million dollar price tag on the expansion, it could be just about anything.

However, with that number floating around out there, it's unlikely to be a wing coaster or giga coaster from B&M since they tend to run a wee bit north of that. It does, however, leave the door open for pretty much anything else from any manufacturer though. However, I'm doubtful on the steel/wood hybrid coaster idea here as well, even if something from Gravity Group or Rocky Mountain Coasters would be cool. Why? Simply because they already have one with Voyage and while it doesn't do any of the nifty tricks the newer ones do, it's something I don't see them revisiting with this new project. Additionally, neither would be very "family friendly" at all and cost way under the amount we've been given.

The only clues we have are the vague ones from the 66 Days campaign and possibly a recent blog post from Leah Koch, daughter of Holiday World's Founder, Will Koch. In it she reminisced about a ride that never came to be and her father saying that they'd never build a steel coaster due to it not being "family friendly". In the end though, she said that the new project would see her father's dream become reality but that he'd moved on from the technology in his first idea presented. So, take that however you want to as it could mean just about anything yet again.

Other clues from the past couple of months have included; ‘Upside Down’, ‘One.Big.Thing’, ‘When you find out, you’re gonna flip’, ’truly unique’ and ‘The first of its kind’. Certainly sounds like it's going to be something that's gonna upside down at least, so there is that.

Again, we only now know the price tag of $22million and that it's a "first of it's kind" ride. Holiday World will be making their official announcement on Thursday night, at least we're getting closer to an answer!

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