Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2014 Star Wars Weekends- Guest List Announcement

2014 'Star Wars Weekends' Guest List Announcement 

 Today Disney Parks Blog finally reviled the entire guest list for the 2014 'Star Wars Weekends' event. To be honest, it's pretty damn impressive all around! We've got some new faces and some old favorites, plus one impressive addition for the 2014 event.

 The event runs weekends, starting on May 16th at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park.

They've got characters from the various movies both classic and newer generations as well as some of the cartoon series.

 Weekend 1. May 16-18th. 
Ahmed Best- Jar Jar Binks
Peter Mayhew- Chewbacca
Vanessa Marshell- Hera Sundulla (New Cartoon)

Weekend 2.  May 23-25th.
Warwick Davis- Wicket
Jeremy Bulloch- Boba Fett
Tiya Sircar- Sabine Wren (New Cartoon)
Weekend 3. May 30-June 1st.
Ray Park- Darth Maul
John Ratzenberger- Major Bren Derlin
Taylor Gray- Ezra Bridge (New Cartoon)

Weekend 4. June 6-8th. 
Mark Hamill- Luke Skywalker
Ray Park- Darth Maul
Billy Dee Williams- Lando Calrissian
Taylor Gray- Ezra Bridge (New Cartoon)

Weekend 5. June 13-15th.
Dee Bradley Bake- Captain Rex, The Clone, Bossk and Others 
Cat Taber- Padme Amidala and Others
Tom Kone- Yoda (Cartoon) 
Matt Lanter- Anakin Skywalker and Others (Cartoon)
Steve Blum- Zeb Orrelios (New Cartoon)

First Look and POV of Liseberg's Newest Coaster - Helix!


Today is Pressday at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden and they're officially unveiling the park's largest investment to date, Helix. The park's 4th coaster, built by Germany's Mack Rides, is the largest and fastest to date. By this time, the first riders have already experienced the intensity that this monster coaster has to offer. In just three days, April 26th, the park will be fully open and the general public will get to experience the insanity that is Helix first hand.

Riders will reach speeds of 100km/h (62mph) on this multiple launch coaster and careen through seven inversions and over 3/4 of a mile of track during their 2min 10sec ride. It may not be the fastest, nor the biggest, but it's layout and location within the park should make for one memorable ride!

Seriously, this thing looks mental and intense as hell. One of these days we'll get over there to ride this, one day.

So, without further ado, here's the front seat POV for Liseberg's newest!

Not enough for ya? Here's what you can expect during a night ride!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Conneaut :Lake Park- Only Paying Taxes Will Save Park..

 County States "Only Paying Back-taxes Will Save Conneaut Lake Park".

 In a not very surprising move Crawford County has stated that the only thing to spot the sale of Conneaut Lake Park is for them to establish.. and actually PAY their back taxes.

 The not-very-trustworthy board of trustees has been hunting for a way out of their un-paid back taxes for a while and in the process, maybe save the park which is deeded to the public. The park, which owes more the $900,000 in public and school taxes to the county has been quietly not paying the last several years, making the sum astronomical.  The counties 'Economic Progress Alliance" has worked out and submitted a way out for the worthless trustees, provided they establish a new board to oversee the amusement park and make sure these overdue taxes get re-paid over the next five years.  This new group would consist of three people for the current board and three members of the Alliance, to make sure things get done correctly.

 Judging by how bad things have gotten under the over-site of the current board of trustees, I'm not very faithful that this plan will be enacted. While I hope they will move in the right direction to save the park, I'd still suggest every visit this season after they open on May 23rd. may likely be your last chance.

Information from: The Meadville Tribune

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Seas with Nemo and Friends- You Annoy Me

 Many moons ago, when I was a small child I used to love "The Living Seas" pavilion at Epcot Center. It wasn't the most impressive to most people but I always loved how you felt underwater, plus they had one of the only aquariums in Orlando.  However, this new incarnation of the pavilion, featuring projected cartoon Disney fish? It just annoys me.

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Action Park Lives Again..

 Yes Folks,
I'm not kidding when I say that "Action Park" is returning for 2014.

 Often called "Traction Park" or "Fracture Park" by any who spent time at the long gone water park will tell you, it earned it's name a few dozen times over again each season.

 Currently owned by Mountain Creek Resort, who've been operating parts of the park quietly for years has decided to go back to the original name and re-open with a dose on insanity that makes even me cringe slightly.  The famous slide, seen above, which won "Class-Action Park" high internet fame is being brought back from the dead with a modern re-creation.

Image from WhiteWater
 As if having the name "Action Park" revived wasn't enough an omen, They've also decided to put in an 'Aqua Looper' style slide for 2014.

 Details are currently unknown but the president of Mountain Creek has bragged that the "Zero-G" slide will be the worlds only one. Making us believe this could be a fully vertical loop in a waterslide.  He's also stated that they have "kept the thrills but lost the spills" in regards to the parks deadly history.

 They also state that many original attractions will return to the park but don't name them. June 14th will be the opening day when answers will be revealed.

The Bat Flies Again at Kings Island

 The Bat Flies Again at Kings Island.

 Okay so perhaps it's not the insanity of the original "Bat" which barely flew for two years. However, using the lore of that ride they've managed to breath some new life into an old park favorite.

 When Kings Island decided to re-theme the old suspended coaster "Flight Deck" we were all happy, this classic style coaster needed some love to boost it back into popularity with riders. Now it fits in well with it's brand new neighbor "Banshee" which just opened to the public on Friday. 

 Perhaps it isn't a new ride but it's classic and people often forget that classics need love also. With a new coat of paint and a spooky new theme, Bat will hopefully fly into your hearts again.

 It may not be as thrilling as it's new neighbor but there is something special about this ride none-the-less. Give it a go, give it ten goes. Trust me, this hidden gem is worth your time. Much like it's name-sake it's a hidden gem, seek it out and your in for a treat.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Banshee Media Day- Photo Post

Banshee Media Day- Photo Post

 Hey Folks,
This is the Photo Post for all the dozens of photo's we took during Media Day for Banshee at Kings Island. Naturally they all didn't make it into the review post but their all so great, we felt the need to share more of them!

You can find the other news here:
Banshee Media Day Ride Review
Banshee Media Day POV Footage

WARNING: Very Photo Heavy Below Cut!

We hope you enjoy the photos and the new ride, it really is amazing!