Friday, April 18, 2014

Holiday World- Removing Pilgrims Pludge

Image from Negative-G
Holiday World- Removing "Pilgrims Plunge".

 Today Holiday World announced they will be removing their rather crazy water ride, Pilgrims Plunge (Giraffica).

 This unique and complicated water ride was created by Intamin in 2009 and was once featured on the Travel Channel.

 The ride has been plagued with issues and problems since it's opening. The park said the following about the rides removal “If you’re one of our super-fans, you’re probably not surprised. You’ve noticed the ride has not been open as often as we all would have liked. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment.”.

Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Delayed

 Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Opening Day Delayed.

 For unknown reasons, today Busch Gardens Tampa announced that the opening of their new drop tower attraction, Falcon's Fury, will be delayed.

 This is currently no word or timeline on when the ride will be opened. The park is currently saying the delay is due to construction issues. However, the ride was seen testing just days ago doing "slow drops". Rumors are flying all over the place, the most current one states that the ride wasn't dropping correctly and was making some form of "screeching" noise.

 The new attraction was suppose to open on May1st. Fans are in an uproar of the sudden announcement and even more since there hasn't been another date given yet.  We will update with more news when it comes.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Banshee Media Preview and Ride Review

King's Island- Banshee Media Day Ride Review.

When we were invited to join the press for King's Island's newest roller coaster, Banshee, it was easy to say our excitement level went into orbit. We've been following this newest addition closely from it's announcement, through construction and initial testing. Our expectations were high and our hopes were higher yet for this new ride.

What we found lurking upon the grave of "The Son of Beast" was an amazing piece of steel and engineering. Imagine the perfect coaster storm, everything you could wish for on a ride and then have those dreams manifest in front of you. That is what we found...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kentucky Kingdom- Lightning Run Update

Image from Screamscape
 Kentucky Kingdom- Lightning Run Construction Update.

 Kentucky Kingdom keeps working away to get their park ready to re-open for the first time since Six Flags abandoned the park.

 This new roller coaster which will open for the 2014 season, is built by Chance Rides and it a model "Hyper GT-X" style attraction. The company has been in business for years but has mostly built smaller-scale coasters, the new Lightning Run seems to be their first "big style" coaster and it looks highly promising!

Carowinds- New Area Announcement

Carowinds Park- New Area Announcement.

 On Friday, Carowinds Park finally told us what the huge open space around "Intimidator 305" will be used for- A New Area coming to the park.

  On Facebook, Carowinds announced that the new area and project are called "Harmony Hall Marketplace". The park is billing this area as a  both dining and entertainment use, including a new open-air food count with daily shows. Said to seat up to 500 people, this area will feature some of Cedar Fair's newest outside vendors such as: Chickie and Petes, Auntie Anne's and Chick-Fil-A. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Aquatica Orlando- Ihu's Breakaway Falls Complete

Image from Orlando Sentinel
 Aquatica Orlando- Ihu's Breakaway Falls Completed.

 Yesterday at Aquatica Orlando, the final slide section of Ihu's Breakaway Falls, the newest ride opening soon at the water park, was put into place.

 As you can see from the image, the last slide section after your "drop" has been put into place. The other two slides of Ihu's are already complete and in place. This new waterslide attraction is set to open on May 9th to the general public.

Seaworld Parks- Stand for Truth

Seaworld Parks- Stand for Truth.

 For months, Seaworld Parks have been trying to teach the world at large that what they saw in "Blackfish" was nearly all false. Yet people are still wearing blinders and refusing to do their own investigation into the claims the film made.

 Many people stand with Seaworld, including this blog and it's staff. We know the truth, we've done research and some of us have even worked for Seaworld before- we support them.

 Now is your change to "Stand with Seaworld" for Truth.  You can join "The Seaworld Truth Team" online to help support the good works and care the company gives and help dispel the hate, bias and ignorance as well as receive email notices and information about the parks.

Yes, everyone has an opinion on this matter. This post is NOT the place to spout off about it. Anything that can be taken as an attack, hateful, rude, asinine, juvenile or vulgar will be deleted from the comments with extreme predigested by the staff..and we will enjoy it.