Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haunt Review- Field of Screams

Haunt Review of Field of Screams

 Well, we'd been hearing good things about this Lancaster Area Haunted House for a long time but until this season we hadn't been able to make it out. Happily we were able to arrange enough time and finally got to check out and see if the rumors are true!

Field of Screams was different, in a fun way. We didn't know much of what to expect so when we arrived and saw a Haunted House meets Carnival, it was a pleasant surprise! Plenty of options for food and drink, bathrooms and various shopping. But.. how good are the haunts?!

Haunt: Field of Screams
Location: Mountville, Pennsylvania
Date:October 10th, 2014
Cost: $14-$33
Overall Rating: Good
Opinion: Worth a Visit
Website: Field of Screams

We were invited again this season to visit Field of Screams. This has in no way effected our opinion or the haunts rating, they earned that entirely on their own!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Delay in Posting- Sorry, Got Sick.

Just a quick note- 

We're really sorry for the delay in posting. Carrie and Kitsune went down with a nasty case of Acute Bronchitis and updating for the Haunt Reviews has been slowed done due to that. We're finally feeling better and hope to get reviews up before the end of the weekend (and partly into next week).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fury 325 Update: October 23

Hello Peoples!!!

Sorry it's been a bit hearing from me, I haven't been all that well. The weather here in Pittsburgh has been up and down and that leads to sickness and plagues.

So on to better news!! Carowinds has posted another photograph of the construction of Fury 325.

From Facebook
Also, I found some other random photos on Google because why not, lol  ;)

Once I've got more information I'll be sure to pass it on to yinz!!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Universal Orlando/Islands of Adventure- Kong Construction Goes Vertical

Image from Orlando United
Kong 360/Skull Island Going Vertical at Islands of Adventure

 Well, some good news out of Universal Orlando this week. It seems Islands of Adventure's newest project "Skull Island/Kong360" has finally gone vertical.

 The new attraction, which still hasn't been formally announced seems likely to open in 2016. Stuffed in near the current 'Jurassic Park' area, Kong is likely to be announced sometime soon as Universal is well known to announce attractions when they can no longer 'hide' the fact they're up to something.

 Until then, speculation as to the new attraction will continue to exist. No matter how much some of us are wishing for a Jurassic Park Expansion!

Holiday World-Thunderbird Watch 10/8

Image from Screamscape
Holiday World 'Tops Off' Thunderbird on Tuesday.

 Even with a minor delay due to weather, Holiday World has delivered on their promise of having the newest roller coaster 'Thunderbird' topped off quickly.

 On Tuesday, the top Immelman loop (directly after lauch) was completed. It's also the highest piece of track on this roller coaster, set to open in 2015. The park is really pushing to have much of their main construction completed as quickly as possible!

 We've also got some news in regards to the roller coasters launching system!

 It appears the first B&M launching coaster will be powered by a normal LSM system. Meaning, 'Liner Synchronous Motor' (translation- Powered by Electra-Magnetic Force) rather then a cable or launch car systems as seen in other launching style roller coaster. Top Thrill Dragster is a 'Cable' system and Rock'n'Roller-Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studies is a 'launch car' system (also powered by cables).

 The park has added in a power sub-station in order to generate the addition electric power which the new coasters ride systems will require. So, unlike some other parks in the past, Holiday World won't brown out the entire city the first time it launches into being!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fury 325 - October 2.

Hello peoples!!!

So the first track piece is officially in place!!!  Earlier this week Carowinds put up the first piece of track, which just so happens to be the station piece!!

So without any further ado.....STUFFS!!!

It's so awesome!!! 

There is also a 13 second video posted on Carowinds's Facebook page, I can't find it on YouTube or anything to put it up alone so here is the link for the page so that you lovely readers can check it out: VIDEO.

Now that Carowinds seems to be posting interesting photos and information I'm hoping that I'll be able to update yinz more often!!

Talk to yinz later!!

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(The photos came from a couple of different places)

Roller Coaster Vs. Deer at Lightwater Valley Park

Image from The Mirror
 Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Roller Coaster and a wayward Bambi decided to become friends? Nothing pretty as passengers on "The Ultimate" from Lightwater Valley Amusement Park in North Yorkshire, England have stated.

Apparently a few days ago, a deer managed to get beyond the coasters perimeter fences and onto the roller coasters tracks while the ride was in motion. The roller coaster did strike an decapitate the deer, bathing passengers in all forms of lovely deer-bits. Thankfully no human injuries where reported from the deer-strike but the ride and fence was checked by Lightwater Park, it re-opened the same day.