Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dollywood 'New Attraction' Announcement Coming Soon? UPDATE

UPDATE 8/21/13: 
FireChaser Expressed Announced for Dollywood in 2014 as well as a new Resort Hotel! 

Image from Dollywod's Facebook Page
 Wow, the "new something" announcements are flying thick on the air this month and Dollywood isn't about to be left out of the loop.  Something new is coming to Dollywood in 2014 and the big reveal with come on August 21st at 11am.

 The rumor mill is speculating that this may not be an entirely 'new' ride but a massive refurbishment of an older attraction. Some say it could be the old mine train "Thunder Express" which is defunct while others are pointing to a completely new attraction, probably a roller coaster. Honestly, I've seen guesses that range from "A NEW Dollywood Park in Florida" to "Resort Hotel" so this one is entirely up in the air. However, keep in mind that Dollywood last built in 2012 when they put in "Wild Eagle" which is a terrain wing coaster.

Update 8/20/12
 We've managed to compile the clues up which have been given about the Dollywood Announcement which is coming tomorrow at 11am. I admit, the clues are confusing. Do they mean a new attraction or perhaps a resort hotel attached to the property? The Rumor Mill is leaning to this being a multiple announcement, meaning more then one thing will be announced for the park in 2014.

One Reader, Megan, Suggested a Snow Park. While a good thought, it looks like today's big clue puts all our wondering to rest. It looks like it's confirmed to be a roller coaster! Today's big clue was "Duel Launch" which could only mean we're looking at a brand new coaster coming to Dollywood in 2014!

Either way, here are the current clues up to today's!

-Aug. 5: “Express”
-Aug. 6: “in 2014″
-Aug. 7: “make Dollywood”
-Aug. 8: “thanks to”

-Aug. 9: “ultimate”
-Aug. 10: “beautiful”
-Aug. 11: “new”
-Aug. 12: “and my”
-Aug. 13: “thrilling”
-Aug. 14: “family”
-Aug. 15: “Dollywood’s”
-Aug. 16: “opening”
-Aug. 17: “vacation”
-Aug. 18: “in 2015″
-Aug. 19: “destination”
-Aug. 20: "duel-launch"
-Aug. 21:

 ISI will be following the rumors and bringing you the news of Dollywood's newest attraction as soon as the announcement hits (or someone spills the beans to us)!